Monday, May 18, 2009

Episode 1: Total Money Makeover: Closet Creativity

Recently, my husband and I decided to embark on a Total Money Makover, setting a goal to pay off all of our debt in two years or less (the exception is our home mortgage, which will get tackled after that). Since we don't carry credit card balances, this should be a feat we can accomplish with only a small bit of pain.

Now getting to the pain part...we agreed to an equal amount of "mad money" throughout the month. I have to use mine for any purchases that are just for me; same goes for him. Let me tell you that it doesn't stretch very far when you love shoes and jewelry as much as I do, especially when you factor in personal services (e.g., haircut, pedicure, etc.), lunch at work or evening out with girlfriends -- it all comes out of the same stash. I've been taking a lot of turkey sandwiches for lunch these days...

So I've been shopping from my closet quite a bit lately. That fact that we're in the midst of a season change and the natural transition of my closet from winter to summer plays a helpful role in my self-deception, making things feel new. I'm delighted to rediscover a few pieces that are feeling fresh again, often with something as simple as a shoe change. I pulled out a couple of knit dresses in the last week or two. Instead of an as-usual pairing with a sandal or wedge, I pulled on my Seychelles low wedge boot that I recently scored at Nordstrom Rack for less than $40 (great fit for the Total Money Makeover budget).

With a jean jacket (or slightly upgraded, casual blazer) this combination is a great way to extend the seasonality of your summery dresses.

Look for more episodes of Total Money Makeover: Closet Creativity.