Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Worth the wait

It has been said the "Patience is a virtue." Well, the patient get their reward with Nordstrom's Designer Finale at Mall of America. For about a year now, I have been making a truly concerted effort to buy quality over quantity. No more "disposable clothing" for me -- I squirrel away my shopping budget and wait for...opportunities. So, Finale is like a gift from the gods -- I get to buy great quality, beautifully constructed clothing and I don't have to pay full price. Tory Burch dresses, here I come!

Designer Finale pre-sale starts on Dec. 30 at 8:00 a.m. All the designer clearance merchandise from every Nordstrom store across the country will be shipped to MOA and marked 40 - 60% off and there will be an additional % off during pre-sale. Pre-sale means that you get to pick through and lay claim to the items you want before the racks open up to the general shopping public on Jan 5.

Yes, you'll still lay out a chunk of change. Even at 60%+ off, designer clothing is still at least as much as you'd pay full price in many other stores. If you're understandably hesitant, let me tell you about PPW, or price-per-wear. It's nothing fancy, just longer-term thinking about how you spend on clothing. This very simple idea is about making high quality, classic purchases on staples you love, and calculating the cost per wear over the lifetime of the garment. For example, I bought a gorgeous Max Mara coat in a beautiful, blush colored wool/cashmere blend 8 winters ago for more than I'd ever thought I'd spend. The high quality fabric, classic color and construction still looks brand new. My price-per-wear, now less than $1, goes down every year. That's a great buy.

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